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EY Fintech Adoption Index Measures Digital Finance Acceptance of Customers

EY conducted a survey from September to October of last year. They published their results in the heart of the holiday season which made them easy to miss but no less relevant.  According to EY and Fintech Adoption Index, Fintech usage could double among digitally activ.

The European Crowdfunding Network has made it easier for young investment crowdfunding platforms to join the pan-European advocacy group. In recognition of the fact that startups typically try to keep costs as low as possible, ECN is now allowing aspiring members t....Read more

Crowdfunding attracts the hyperlocal news crowd

On August 10, hyperlocal news publisher Charlottesville Tomorrow successfully met its goal for its July Kickstarter campaign while Homicide Watch  Aug. 14  launched  a  Kickstarter campaign to keep open Homicide Watch DC.Hyperlocal sites are having mixed results with their crowdfunding efforts, despite the abundance of crowdfunding sites to choose from  including IndieGogo, Razoo and long-established journalism specialist site Spot.us. Charlotteseville Tomorrow successfully raised $7,094 with its kickstarter campaign for a very well sta....Read more

What no one is telling you about FINMA’s digital verification framework

News on crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and new business ideas. Reach us at crowdfundnews@hotmail.com for tips and info.News on crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and new business ideas. Reach us at crowdfundnews@hotmail.com for tips and info.

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